"Can we not just have a dance and a laugh and go back to being terrified tomorrow?"

In the Summer of 1942, Bett and Vera travel the country hosting tea dances for RAF fighter pilots stationed nearby. What the locals don’t know is that the dance is a cover for the girls’ real purpose; to send the men off to fight and die having experienced all of life’s pleasures...

Developed as a Rural Touring show and commissioned by Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company, Think  of England enjoyed unprecidented succcess on its first tour resulting in the commission of a second tour and a week long run at Vault Festival 2018.

For more information about Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company and our ongoing commitment to developing high quality theatre for the rural touring network, please visit the website here.
Past Productions
Rural Tour and Vault Festival, London
Spring 2018
Director - Tilly Branson
Assistant Director - Julia Crowley
Producer - Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company
Bett - Leila Sykes
Vera - Madeline Gould
Frank - Stephan Menaul
Tom - Pip Brignall
Bill - Matthew Biddulph
Rural Tour and Ugly Duck, London
Winter 2016
Director - Tilly Branson
Producer - Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company
Bett - Leila Sykes
Vera - Ashlea Kaye
Frank - Jack Collard
Tom - Pip Brignall
Bill - Samuel Warren

Special thanks to Ben Warwick and Tom Clegg for their work during research and development for this project.

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