It Is Now

A new play for Rural Touring

"He’s perfectly happy rocking your boat. Why is his boat more important than your boat?"

30th July 1966. A date that would go down in history. Two sides collide. A day filled with 'A Groovy Kind of Love' at the wedding of Laura and Joe. But as you join them for their big day, can Laura keep your attention away from the most iconic game of football England ever played? And can she save her big day?

Developed as a Rural Touring show and commissioned by Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company, It Is Now will hit the road in February 2019.

For more information about Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company and our ongoing commitment to developing high quality theatre for the rural touring network, please visit the website here.
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Rural Tour 
Spring 2019
Director - Tilly Branson
Producer - Anonymous is a Woman Theatre Company
Cast - TBC
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